My Ocean is you

The sea comes with the waves on the beach sand
Opening a path for you to love me
And you climb the mountain, and I see among the waves
I am the breeze that blows in your hair
And the sun rises every day in your life
Coming on the horizon of your lovely eyes.

My love! I miss you!
The word sweet and your magic eye
What I said to you in Davao City
It's all true. And you know it
I'll never forget our love
Yes, you were born especially for me.

I still remember our meeting in Cebu
I did a surprise for you. Unbelievable!
So I wrote our love story
To stay in the history of our lives.
Neither the angry waves, does not exclude
My great love I have for you.

In my space beautiful, I can see the sea, and the blue sky
And remember our tour on the island of Palawan
With the hands crossed in our destiny
The longing that makes our kiss is always sweet
This was the most romantic boat ride
With the herons flapped in the sky. Oh My God!

The night comes, and I'm sitting here
Looking at your picture on my bedroom wall
With the window open, I feel your perfume
That comes with the wind, and hits my mind
Even away, you're near me
Into the sea that bathes me with love.

I increase sound to hear this music, thousand times
And I feel you in my soul
Enveloping me in his arms with a thousand kisses
Only then I can sleep dreaming of you
Coming on the horizon of her beautiful eyes
With ocean waves to love me.

Enviado por ERASMO SHALLKYTTON em 24/05/2015
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